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Damien Flood in Frieze
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  • Thursday 24 November 2016

Damien Flood
A Root that Turns as the Sun Turns
Green on Red Gallery
19 October – 27 November 2016  

Damien Flood’s enigmatic paintings tantalize and beguile. Like a forensic investigation of a Hieronymus Bosch, in which the earthly and unearthly delights have been atomized, Flood’s fragments of disembodied shapes and forms, hover and cluster on perfectly balanced canvases. There are recognizable elements: leaves, the edge of a jug, faces or masks, a match that smokes from its unlit end. But there are also less easily identifiable shapes that, begging for resolution, invite satisfying speculation. The artist places us on the edge of stories with multiple meanings. He is brave with color too, in Family (all works 2016), glowing green, sharp red and vibrant blue emerge from a pale yellow-green foggy ground, which might or might not bear figures. Shadow and Pear is a reversed black-primed canvas in which the shadow is disconnected from the pear, separated across an inscrutably symbolic field. In this, Flood’s fourth solo show with Green on Red, he has pared back his canvases, to make works that invite your questions to linger. They are all the more satisfying for their open-endedness.

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