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'ZXX' - John Cronin at RHA
16th November - 20th December

  • Friday 19 August 2016

John Cronin's solo exhibition ZXX will be open to the public from November 16th at the Royal Hibernian Academy (RHA).

"For many years now my work has been concerned with painting in the age of artificial intelligence. An age, in which, our visual understanding and appreciation are continually being upgraded, as technological advancements evolve. While at the same time I have strived for my work to reflect the society in which it was produced.For my 2011 exhibition Augmented Reality, I produced a body of work that focused on my curiosity about how augmented reality (AR) technology was molding our understanding and perception of reality and how it is changing our relationship with first and foremost painting, but also traditional media. 

As AR shaped how we interfaced with the world around us, it was also transforming our ability to perceive and process information. When I came to the end of the Augmented Reality works my original feeling of celebration of this “Brave New World” was replaced by a feeling that all was not as it seems and that the processing of information made for bleak reading. It was after all 2011 and reality, for anybody who had a social conscience, had changed greatly. Everyday we seemed to be bombarded with, often contradictory, information compiled by statisticians purporting to explain things. When in the plain light of day things were obviously falling apart.

Standard Deviation became an inspiration for me. Correctly or incorrectly it conjured up an idea that things despite varying greatly could still be explained, and therefore understood, quantified and possibly controlled. The theme resulted in the exhibition Standard Deviation in  2013. The Standard Deviation works, while abstract, were often kaleidoscopic and contained a multitude of references. Many featured a series of spots or forms, (possibly the mean), that in most cases had become corrupted. They had deviated from the standard." - John Cronin

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