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Niamh McCann - Just left of Copernicus (The Pastoral)
Solstice Arts Centre, Meath

  • Tuesday 16 August 2016

The Final installment of Niamh McCann's 'Just Left of Copernicus' is set to launch at Solstice Arts Centre, Meath. The exhibition will run from the 1st September - 21st October (11:00 - 16:00), 2016.  Just Left Of Copernicus (Pastoral) is the third and final manifestation of Niamh McCann's touring exhibition. Each of its previous manifestations, at both Visual Carlow (Roof of the Story) and Limerick City Gallery of Art (A Prologue) were individual to each space. McCann collaborated with architects Jack Byrne and Séamus Bairead to develop the large scale structure/object Copernicus for Now.

 The Exhibition opens 1st September, 6.30pm with 'Building Stories: Exploring The Process', A behind-the-scenes glimpse into how architects Jack Byrne and Seamus Bairead worked with artist Niamh McCann to translate her ideas into a built structure, from initial inspiration through design and making processes. The presentation will be followed by the exhibition opening and the launch of Niamh McCann's new book 'Just Left Of Copernicus'.

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