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Aftermath: New Drawings
Arno Kramer

  • 14 Mar - 13 Apr 2002

This was the artist’s first solo exhibition at the Green On Red Gallery since his first appearance in 1997 in a group exhibition at the gallery.  The exhibition consisted of drawings in watercolour, pencil, charcoal and pastel on paper up to 3 metres long, bronze and a site-specific wall drawing in the gallery entrance.

Kramer once wrote that he would like to make visible “ the reconnaisance of the back of the soul, the spirit and the heart”.  It is in his decision to employ the medium of drawing, using pencil, watercolour and pastel, that Kramer embarks on his quest.  He combines references to the figure, to the portrait, overlayed with more mathematical drawings of three dimensional shapes, spaces and vessels.  He executes line upon line, shape upon shape, medium upon medium, until the image is complete. Including utterances of the poetry of Seamus Heaney, Kramer combines science and nature, drawing and text, wall drawing and floor sculpture to create an interesting and reflective dialogue. This is true of The way is opener for you being in it (Seamus Heaney),  a large 2.4m x 3m 1999 charcoal, watercolour and pencil drawing on paper by the artist.  In these contemplative works each line is a new direction, a different thought, a fresh impulse.



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