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John Cronin

  • 22 Apr - 21 May 2005

Palinode, as John Cronin's latest body of work is entitled, is defined as “1: an ode or song recanting or retracting something in an earlier poem 2: a formal retraction.”  The exhibition consists of paintings in which Cronin characteristically drags, manipulates and veils rich and vibrant oil paint across flat aluminium panels, to create highly energetic and atmospheric works. Cronin sees these works as a progressive retraction, allowing new form to blossom from within the transparency of layers.
Art critic Donald Kuspit has observed of Cronin’s work,  

…for all their conspicuous physicality Cronin’s paintings are covertly sublime:  they suggest romantic yearning for the unrepresentable.  They have expressive significance as well as material power.  Indeed, the more physically exciting they become, the more they seem dense with unutterable emotion.  Ecstatically compact and intimate--Cronin eschews the mural expansiveness of late abstract expressionist painting, with its “metaphysical” pretensions--Cronin’s paintings resonate with the unnamable “superfine feelings” that Kandinsky thought were the gist of abstract painting.   

Cronin’s work reflects his interpretations of how visual understanding and appreciation are continually being upgraded as technological advancements evolve. The exhibition references his 2003 exhibition, The Nightingale, where Cronin introduced an element of Romanticism: recalling the nineteenth century celebration of the natural world in reaction to industrialisation and the Age of Enlightenment. In Palinode Cronin delves deeper into what Clement Greenberg saw as the taboo area of "excess feeling" and goes on to as Donald Kuspit has observed "create a psycho-dramatically new modernist painting".

Palinode, a new catalogue on John Cronin's work, including an essay by Donald Kuspit, has been published to coincide with this exhibition and is available at the gallery.



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  • Palinode 10 (2004)
  • Oil on aluminium 4 x 6ft
Palinode 10 (2004)
Palinode 24 (2004)
Palinode 20 (2004)

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