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Lux Clara
Mark Joyce

  • 07 Jan - 04 Feb 2006

The noon light is clear, and as a cloud of dew in the day of harvest         Isaiah 18.4

This new series of small abstract paintings, Lux Clara (Clear Light) explores the anomaly of painting coloured light.  The subject matter encompasses medieval glass and Newtonian Optics.  These outwardly simple, yet seductive paintings investigate the conceptual underpinnings of mark-making and colour. Lux Clara is a continuing engagement with early Modernist aesthetics. Joyce wonders about colour, about light and about how we represent a spatial dimension with a two-dimensional medium.  In Spring 2003, Joyce wrote:

“There are two anomalies which painters work with.  The first anomaly is the tendency of the two-dimensional surface of a painting to take on a spatial aspect, once marks are made and colour is applied.  The second anomaly is the painter’s use of mineral-based pigment to depict conditions of light.”



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  • For more information or purchase enquiries contact the gallery.
  • Tourbillons 2 (2005)
  • Acrylic/half oil/gesso/canvas 35 x 27 cm
Tourbillons 2 (2005)
Rosa 1 (2005)
Chlorophyll (2005)
The Newtonians (2005)
Glass I (2005)

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