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A Fine Line
Flood, Joyce, Martin, McCarthy, Riley and Shanahan

  • 07 Apr - 13 May 2016

Green On Red Gallery is delighted to announce the opening of A Fine Line, a group exhibition of mostly new works by gallery artists and a first time Green On Red exhibitor. The exhibition brings together works that can be seen to teeter on the edge, the artists' use of finely judged line or linear elements can, on its own, create a charge or an impulse. It is promising to be a show with moments of elegant and finely wrought ideas and one with instances of extremes in opposition, if not on the edge of collapse. This susceptibility to change and nervous energy is true of Bridget Riley’s work , “her work has demonstrated that the fugitive nature of things is irresistible, but also that it is the agent and evidence of life” – Paul Moorehouse, Venice and Beyond. The artist makes a virtue of feelings of instability and dynamism by the most subtle but masterful alterations in her use of straight, curved or circular line. Fergus Martin's new suite of prints pushes colour to the edge of white. The stark combination of the bold green, purple, grey or brown colour and white, while a trademark of the artist's long history of acrylic on canvas paintings is given fresh impetus in the current exhibition with new compositions in a relatively new medium, that of intaglio and carborundum prints, courtesy of Stoney Road Press. The edge is all-important and the defining mark of this work, much in the way that the simple cord is the defining element in the work of the late Fred Sandbak or the charcoal line is Bob Law at his most compelling. This will be the first public exhibition of Martin's new prints. Caroline McCarthy will show, for the first time in Ireland in their entirety, a new suite of prints called Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. It is what we have come to expect from this London-based artist, such is the wit of the subtlest kind of this artist's use of found, disposable materials. In this instance the striped paper sweet bag. Or is it a Frank Stella ? Only one accustomed to this artist's ingenious play and fine balancing act between ubiquity and rarity will fully appreciate the artist's line-up of the four seasons in this way. Damien Flood's new paintings have an assurance and a confidence in the simplest of lines and marks that pushes them to the edge. Two paintings from Mark Joyce are remarkable in their simplicity and apparent ease and immediacy. The palette is reduced and the mark is repetitive but rhythmic and as old as ancient vase painting. In Joyce's hands on raw linen the effect is wholly fresh and new. 2016 Curtin O'Donoghue Emerging Photographic Artist Award winner, Aoife Shanahan, presents for the first time in Green On Red Gallery. The sharp play of light in her classic urban takes renders them timeless and alienating. Each scene creates an alternative psychological space for the viewer to occupy. For further information please contact Jerome O Drisceoil t. +353 87 2454282 e:



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  • For more information or purchase enquiries contact the gallery.
  • Aoife Shananhan
  • Distorted Perception 6 (2015)
  • Archival Injet Paper, 44 x 54 cm - Edition of 5
Distorted Perception 6 (2015)
Bagatelle 3 (2015)
Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter (2011)
Bell (2016)
Untitled (2016)
Violet (2008)

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