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Outside Inside
Fergus Martin

  • 10 Apr - 17 May 2014

I wanted to do something with the calm and storms of the outside and inside. 

The Dearest Thing Ever Made, Stop, Storms, A Chair, A Tree. The images are poignant for me, as if they had a kind of sweet strangeness. 

Green On Red Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of an exhibition of new photographic and sculptural work by Fergus Martin on Thursday, April 10, 2014. 

Martin's work is executed with extreme rigour and control but is ardently expressive. Underneath the cool, pristine surfaces is a torrent of ideas and emotions, a distillation of everyday experience. 

His ability to convey power through images of a chair or table is a moving part of his work.  

Stop and The Dearest Thing Ever Made are two free-standing steel works in the exhibition. These pieces are expressive punctuation marks playing with scale and silence and command the space along with a mysterious steel box of storms, a haunting tree and a startling chair. 



  • For more information or purchase enquiries contact the gallery.

More Information

  • For more information or purchase enquiries contact the gallery.
  • Fergus Martin
  • A Tree (2014)
  • Archival Pigment Print, Edition of 3, 159 x 106 cm
A Tree (2014)
A Chair
Tree In A Wheatfield
Installation view of 'Outside Inside'
Installation view of 'Outside Inside'

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