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John Cronin, Mary FitzGerald, Paolo Gonzato, Mark Joyce, Caoimhe Kilfeather, Arno Kramer, Fergus Martin, Niamh McCann, Caroline McCarthy, Bea McMahon, Dennis McNulty, Niamh O'Malley, Nigel Rolfe

  • 21 Nov - 11 Jan 2014

The title for the show, Focus, is partly explained by the nature of these group exhibitions whereby the viewer gets an insight into one or two works, at most, of many of the gallery artists' work at a given moment. Instead of being a limited view, it can often show new directions, embryonic thinking in each artist's practice. The result can be an exhibition that feels fresh and brimming with new experiences. This is definitely true of Caroline McCarthy's Lollipops and Roses acrylic on canvas marvel, of Fergus Martin's Tree in a Wheat Field or Mary Fitzgerald's lenticular prints Iridescent Blue and Iris.

Another explanation for the title Focus is the fact that many of the works in the show are understood by an intense or "focused" experience of, in the words of Niamh O'Malley, " the point of materialisation of the image ". In O'Malley's two wall works in the show and one free-standing glass sculptural work the point of exact focus is fleeting and elusive and arrived at only with the viewer's movement or interaction with the layered and/or uniquely framed work. Glass brings the space of the gallery, the neighbouring artworks, the constantly fleeting light into a tense play of reflection and absorption.

Another work that "happens " in the retina of the eye is the 69 slide projection Heaven in Holland by Bea McMahon. McMahon journeys through the polder landscape of Holland (where she is currently finishing her 2-year Rijksakademie Residency) as if blinded by a film of gel mindful of Buster Keaton's blinding in Film, by Samuel Beckett. The combination of the flat, opaque or obscured colour landscape images is symbolically and mathematically expanded by the black rubber gloves overhead which point to  the cosmos.

The next exhibition in the gallery is an exhibition of new paintings, Interior Sun, by Damien Flood opening January 16, 2014.



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  • Installation view of 'Focus', Green On Red Gallery
Installation view of 'Focus', Green On Red Gallery
Heaven in Holland (2012)
Lollipops and Roses (2013)
Glass (2013)
Ready A10 #3129 (2013)
Bog (2013)
Aviator (2013)
Iridescent Blue (2013)
Lily with Drum (troubles) (1992/2013)
Untitled (2012-2013)
ZXX (2013)
Out of stock (2013)
Untitled (2013)
Tree in a wheat field (2013)
Magellan I (2013)

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