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Paul Doran
Paul Doran

  • 28 Aug - 27 Sep 2013

Green On Red Gallery is happy and honoured to host an exhibition of new paintings by leading artist, Paul Doran.

The exhibition consists of 12 new mixed media paintings. As in previous exhibitions the shift in the artist’s practice is significant and immediately apparent. Gone is the reliance even on the square or rectangular flat format. Instead we see the artist exploring and pushing space – always a central concern in the artist’s oeuvre – and the very solidity of the painted or hand-made object in iconoclastic ways. The artist seems to have found a complete freedom in the use and choice of media to create tableaux of, at times, ravishing beauty. Plastic, tissue paper, tin foil and even particles of clothing populate the confines of these small, compact paintings.

Richard Tuttle back to the Dadaists, the Cubists and even Cobra artists, were inclined to bring physical bits of the “real" world into the realm of painting but somehow Doran has found a new energy and impetus in old and revived strategies. It is the very modesty and ordinariness of these domestic materials that Doran prizes. The viewer is again challenged and enticed to negotiate a new set of values and rules that are anti-heroic and anti-monumental. These works relate to a life lived rather than to a utopian artistic condition.

There is a teasing sense of play in the placement centrally of a coloured, emptied out plastic folder over an underlying painting. The placement of panel pins and staples is functional and holds the whole painting together physically but it is also a key visual element in the composition. You feel the whole history of painting is never far away and remains richly informative but Doran continues to make engrossing works that are completely of their time and are a visual feast, even if the ingredients on their own do nothing to inspire.

This exhibition shows Doran at his most complex and most playful. It is a harmonious result of many years of exploration and application.

To coincide with this exhibition, on Culture Night, Friday 20 September, Green On Red Gallery will host a talk between Paul Doran and Robert Armstrong at 7:30pm (sharp).



  • For more information or purchase enquiries contact the gallery.

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  • For more information or purchase enquiries contact the gallery.
  • Wood (2013)
  • wood, paper, cardboard, staples, fabric, acrylic paint 30 x 45.9cm
Wood (2013)
Silence (2013)
Bed (2013)
It's not a secret (2013)
Angry Bird (2013)
I love the way you love me (2013)
Hut (2013)

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