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Martin & Hobbs

Martin & Hobbs is a collaborative project between the photographer Anthony Hobbs and the painter Fergus Martin. They came together in 2001 out of a desire to explore new ways of representing the human figure as a living entity and to draw on their different experience as painter and photographer. They are attracted to the ‘physical’ quality of images, which parallels the countless possibilities in painting. They attempt to make images that ‘live and breathe.’ They want the photographs to have directness and immediacy, a sense of there being nothing between the viewer and the image.

Exhibitions with Green on Red

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  • Martin & Hobbs
  • Installation image of 'Frieze' (2003)
  • Giclée print, 222 x 975cm
Installation image of 'Frieze' (2003)
My Paradise Is Now (2003)
My paradise is now, Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane, Dublin. 2012-2013
Frieze, Hotel de Menoc, Melle, France (2013)
Frieze, Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin (2013)
My paradise is now, L'eglise de Saint Pierre, Melle, France (2013)

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